Childhood: When reading and creating was most pure

IMG_2087When I was a kid in elementary school, there was nothing better than ordering books at school.

Each child would get an order form, which we were to take home and check off the books we wanted. A couple weeks later, the books arrived in the classroom. My parents let me order as many books as I wanted.

I read them all.

These were not famous authors.

And yet these are the authors that made kids want to read and to tell stories.

Because of that they are giants.

I thought of that this past week when I wandered into a used bookstore and found these books.

I bought all three.

And for a moment, I was a kid again.



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  1. Roland Haertl says:

    I thought the term “pure”, just as “unique”, intrinsically contradict the comparative and superlative forms. The y either are or they are not.
    Your “most pure” term additionally attacks my sense of grammar, violated generally at the present time: how about “purer” and “purest” versue “more pure” and “most pure”?

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