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In this collection of essays, Hallman treats readers to stories about what it means to move through the journey of life and reminds us how much we have in common with one another.

Some stories focus on the dramatic: a cop held hostage, the neonatal intensive care unit. Others are about everyday heroes, such as the disabled man who so desperately wants to live independently, or the black school principal who uses his own experiences to help the students under his care. And then there are the funny stories, like the one about parents chaperoning their children’s school dance.

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Sam: The Boy Behind the Mask

Tom Hallman's Pulitzer prize-winning series on Sam Lightner in The Oregonian touched the city of Portland so profoundly that it generated more than ten thousand letters from readers. Now Tom Hallman takes us far deeper into the world Sam inhabits, encompassing startling and inspirational events up to the present day. A human story of hope in the face of tragedy, and the compassion to attempt the impossible, Sam: The Boy Behind the Mask shows how one boy-wanting nothing more than to be part of the regular world-is helped along his journey by medical miracles, and by the generosity of the human heart.

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A Stranger's Gift: True Stories of Faith in Unexpected Places

In this very personal, welcoming book, Pulitzer Prize–winning author Tom Hallman, Jr., shares his journey of faith from indifferent agnostic to growing believer. Faith, Hallman tells us, is looking in the mirror in the morning and wondering why. It’s about doubt and hope. It’s catching a glimpse of a beacon piercing the fog of life and walking toward it, never knowing if you’re headed in the right direction, but pressing onward. You’ll meet ordinary people like the mother who watched her baby die after only twenty days of struggling for life, and you’ll see the peaceful strength of a man working with those whose present situations mirror his past. Within these pages, you’ll find real and honest accounts of everyday people whose discoveries of faith will inspire and comfort you on your own journey.

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